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Just a word or two for all my Hidradenitis Suppurativa Family

Well good morning to everyone. I have kind of a long post for you all to read and enjoy (lol jk). Well, I was thinking last night before I went to sleep about Facebook and all the wonderful people that I have had the honor of becoming real good friends with. I fall back to when I first joined Facebook and my reasons then was just because it was a social site and I was a bit curious to see what all the fuss was about. HA! Talk about following the piper, but over the past couple of years I realized that it wasn’t and still isn’t what the initial fuss was about.

I found people here that could relate to my medical conditions on a personal aspect. I also realized that a few of those people that I met turned into more than just people that could relate to my everyday life mainly with Hidradenitis suppurativa and they shared my tears, my pain, gave me advice, lead me to resources that I may have not been able to find if not for them.

Over time I came to find that this handful of people not only did all that but they became a big part of my life and we share our ups and downs, the things that we suffer with daily, the good news and the bad. I have even found myself deeply worried about some of you when I dont hear anything from you for a day or so, my heart aches for you all when you are sick or in pain, aggravated with the disease, my heart has wings for all of you when you have success that falls upon you all. I understand that Facebook is just Facebook but, to me it is a way to see and talk to all of you that unfortunately live a good distance from me.

It is a shame we can’t legally buy a country of our own that all patients with Hidradenitis suppurativa could live so then we would all be like our own tribe or something, there would be no room for anything else. Last but not least, I have learned from all of you in some sense or another.

I am here for all of you to help scream out for our much needed help with the fight for a cure for H.S. Last but not least. At one time in my life I have always felt hopeless and helpless. Today I woke up and realized because of all of you…


Melisha Jones
Hopelessness Engineer

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