Join Our Dedicated Organization For HS Public Awareness


You are needed right away to get started on patient and physician support, awareness projects and programs to help realize the philanthropic efforts of HSAWARENESS.ORG and for those that are most in need. Both large and small efforts that are now helping to save lives need heroes like you today. We have current needs for those we can devote and sacrifice their own lives and precious time to HELP others before themselves. As patients ourselves, we consider this the best HS treatment available today.

We are currently seeking the unconditional support of legal professionals, financial professionals, administrators, assistants, technical and creative writers, grant writers, researchers, marketing and social media experts, big data specialists, graphic designers, mobile developers, web designers, software engineers and IT professionals. Here is a high-level overview of the teams being planned for and organized.

  • Administration and Financial Team: Executive financial, nonprofit trustees, and administrative professionals.
  • Human Resources Team: Leadership, recruiting, and management of dedicated teams.
  • Research Team: Investigation, fact-checking, and support of our research program and projects.
  • Patient Advocacy and Outreach Team: Advocating for patients in need by providing patient support through education, resources, and awareness.
  • Partnership Outreach Team: Identifying, creating, nurturing, and maintaining important relationships globally.
  • Editorial Team: Editing of web content including blogs, creative writing, interviews, and our ongoing print projects.
  • Awareness Journalists and Bloggers Team: Blogging, creative writing, interviewing patients and professionals.
  • Marketing Team: Marketing and social media experts.
  • Creative Talent Team: Graphic and web designers.
  • IT Professionals Team: Big data specialists, mobile developers, web developers and software engineers.
  • Legal Team: Legal professionals for both patient and organizational support and representation.


Our focus is to build a large, scalable, redundant, and flexible system of teams to support our programs and projects. Our organization has an “OPEN DOOR” policy for those who choose to help. This means that each individual explicitly defines their own commitments and stated goals. This can often be dynamic and changes from month to month. Volunteer activity within our growing organization is self-determined at all times. Volunteers come and go in and out of project activity to suits their needs and their own health. With such a system in place, there is always as a goal the someone available at all times to cover essential operations and responsibilities.

Thank you very much for choosing to be a volunteer. We believe our volunteers are an essential part of achieving our goals for the Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) community worldwide and to realize our organizational mission and goals. Our volunteers play key roles in a number of important responsibilities. We hope that you find volunteering to be fulfilling and that your volunteer experience with us to be a rewarding one.


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