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We are currently accepting editorial publishing submissions

We are currently accepting editorial publishing submissions to be featured on our main websites at HSAWARENESS.ORG, HSSUPPORT.ORG, or other various publishing platforms for our organization. HS Patient Stories, Medical Research News, Industry News and Current Affairs, Press Releases, and various other types of content will be considered and reviewed once submitted. Features once published are also regularly shared out to our larger Social Media network of HS patients and industry professionals. All submissions are reviewed by our editorial team within 24-72 hours in most cases. You will be contacted by our organization once our review has been completed to discuss the publishing of your feature.



Criteria and Guidelines for submissions:

Unless you have already discussed special considerations for your contribution with our team please be aware of the following submission criteria and guidelines MUST be met to be considered for publishing.

    • To be considered for publication, your editorial must be at least 500 words long, never before published online (bio included), grammatically polished, and free of any identifying information aside from your own.
    • You must submit a copyright free image to be used for your editorial.
    • You agree that your contribution may not be published elsewhere online in the future.
    • You MUST explicitly agree to our legally binding Terms and Conditions.
    • Google Account is required for document and file uploads from Google Drive

Author/Contributor Privacy Concerns:

Your privacy needs will be defined by YOU when you submit your contribution. As always our organization would need your explicit permission to link to your social media profile(s) and use your name in the feature if your choice is to be listed. If not, we can certainly ONLY use a first name, or pen name, and keep your privacy-centric and anonymous at all times. That is, of course, your choice and as always privacy needs are paramount for us to maintain in our contributor publishing.

Terms and Conditions:

Please review the “Contributor editorial submissions for publishing” section of our Terms and Conditions. All content submitted to our organization for publishing is subject to your explicit agreement to these Terms and Conditions.  You will be asked to confirm your explicit agreement to these legally binding Terms and Conditions before submitting your contribution for review. (

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