Work-related skin disease United Kingdom

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Statistics – Work-related skin disease

Work-related skin disease continues to be common, particularly in certain occupations, and can be severe in some cases.

The latest information shows:

Most occupational skin disease cases are contact dermatitis and similar numbers of these are caused by exposures to allergens and irritants (THOR-EPIDERM) Reports of more severe cases of occupational dermatitis from specialist doctors suggest that the number of new cases per year is now lower than it was a decade ago, but apart from the latest two years being lower there has been little change since around 2005 and cases due to certain specific causes may still be increasing (THOR-EPIDERM). Working with wet hands, and contact with soaps and cleaning materials continue to be the most common causes of occupational contact dermatitis (THOR-EPIDERM). Occupations with the highest rates are florists, hairdressers, cooks, beauticians, and certain manufacturing and health care related occupations (THOR-EPIDERM). Figure 1: Occupational contact dermatitis in Great Britain, 1996 – 2014



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