Verneuil’s disease: this is not acne – 06/05/2015 –

Affection still little known to the public, Verneuil’s disease nevertheless affects nearly 1% of the French population. chronic skin inflammatory disease, it is characterized by skin lesions usually located in the armpit, the folds of the groin, pubic area and buttocks. If we can not today cure this debilitating disease particularly in its severe forms, it can be controlled in many patients. On the occasion of the World Day dedicated to this disease tomorrow, the Professor’s explanations Vincent Descamps, the dermatology department of Bichat Hospital (Paris).

“Verneuil’s disease, otherwise known as hidradenitis suppurativa is a disease whose origin is still unknown,” said Professor Descamps. “It is in fact due to inflammation of the apocrine glands and pilosebaceous follicle. “She has a genetic component since we sometimes find familial cases.However, it is not contagious. Note that women are more affected than men.

In its milder forms, Verneuil’s disease is characterized by painful nodules or abscesses. “They grow mostly in regions axillary and anogenital”. Ie in the majority of cases, abscesses affect the armpits, groin, inner thighs, as well as areas around the anus.

A degraded quality of life

This disease mainly affects young adults after puberty. Lesions can appear when pushed then disappear spontaneously. In some cases, they can be permanent and turn into abscesses.”Ultimately, abscesses begin to fester and become extremely painful. For patients, the location of these lesions can be extremely embarrassing in their daily lives and even debilitating in severe cases. ” Genes are many: some can not sit because of abscesses in the buttocks. The armpits, the scars can pose a real problem for the mobilization of arms. The practice of physical activity can also be complicated or impossible.

Pain and oozing lesions disrupt patients’ quality of life. It is thus not uncommon to work stoppages because of pain and flare-ups. Not to mention that the lesions can be bothersome aesthetically.

“Too often we have to deal with what we call a diagnostic error at the beginning of the disease.Patients see their GP or consult urgently without the diagnosis. However, in recent years, this disease is increasingly known to the medical profession. ” But it is always essential to inform the public about the symptoms of Verneuil’s disease so he thinks to consult their general practitioner or dermatologist.

Translated from: Verneuil’s disease: this is not acne – 06/05/2015 –

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Affection encore peu connue du public, la maladie de Verneuil touche pourtant près de 1% de la population française.  Maladie inflammatoire chronique de la peau, elle se caractérise par des lésions cutanées généralement situées au niveau des aisselles, des plis de l’aine, de la zone pubienne et des fesses. Si on ne peut aujourd’hui guérir de cette maladie particulièrement invalidante dans ses formes sévères, elle peut être contrôlée chez de nombreux patients.  A l’occasion de la Journée mondiale consacrée à cette maladie demain, les explications du Pr Vincent Descamps, du service de dermatologie de l’hôpital Bichat (Paris).

« La maladie de Verneuil, autrement appelée hidrosadénite suppurée, est une affection dont l’origine reste encore mal connue », souligne le Pr Descamps. « Elle est due en réalité à une inflammation des glandes apocrines et du follicule pilo-sébacé. » Elle présente une composante génétique puisque nous retrouvons parfois des cas familiaux. En revanche, elle n’est pas contagieuse. A noter que les femmes sont davantage touchées que les hommes.

Source: Verneuil’s disease: this is not acne – 06/05/2015 –


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