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A team of Swiss researchers at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) made an interesting breakthrough with developing stretchy circuits that can quadruple in length and be used for smart garments and robotics. The stretchable electronics can be stretched like rubber up to four times in any direction and be cycled like a million times without loosing its electrical properties. 

If you wonder why this could be of any significance then ask yourself the following: What has been the main complaint by consumers wearing and considering buying new technologies? And what has limited designers/developers when it came to them making wearables and smart clothing? Indeed, the ability of technology to be more seamlessly integrated into the devices and or garment. It is these kind of breakthroughs that we believe can expand design possibilities for wearable tech makers in many fields.         It might not be the research results that everybody has been waiting for but when we think about smart skin circuits that can offer tactile feedback, biological sensors, electrical prosthetics and electrical solutions sewn into textile, a whole new world of possibilities suddenly presents itself.

Source: Stretchy Smart Skin Circuits That Can Offer Tactile Feedback – FashNerd


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