Our to be 501(c)(3) Organization, aka the “THE ORG”, as it transitions from a now three-year-old Non Governmental Organization (NGO)

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) Awareness

I am working to finish up with several pages of documents, one for each role or, for lack of a better term, specific jobs within our now soon to be 501(c)(3) Organization, aka the “THE ORG” as it transitions from a now three-year-old Non Governmental Organization (NGO).

We will start to publish these calls to fill specific needs within our either growing specialized teams or to be organized with new leadership and grow to robust sizes team. Armies of us doing this so very much needed work for #HSAWARENESS.

So anyway, yea, there ya go. The link below explains with some more detailed info about what those dedicated teams might be that have current roles and needs to be fulfilled.  (http://hidradenitissuppurativaawareness.org/volunteers/)

Myself personally as just another member of the ORG has several priority needs for very important leadership roles to be filled for those working closely with me specifically.

In order of priority as follows:

1. Executive Grant Writer(s): specifically specializing in HHS Grant writing.

2. Project Manager: SIGMA SIX preferably and if I had my way. There are many systems already in place to make this role, although a very active one, run smoothly. Including a brand new ERP deploying just this month. See https://wperp.com/ if you think I am kidding about the geeky stuff in place.

3. WordPress Content Manager: if you do not know what that means don’t worry, you probably should not know. If you do, and you do do, WP, and you would like to work with me directly let’s rock and roll!

4. OTHER: The Administrative, Human Resources, Editorial, Research, Advocacy, Events, and Outreach teams each needs some TLC and general leadership.

We need strong folks, many exciting things are moving very quickly now and it is time for “the ORG” to begin to grow on a enterprise level into the next year or two.

Thank you for your listening my dear friends,

Ron Bercume
Founder and HS Patient at 
email: hello {at] hssupport.org





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