Our Cherished HSAWARENESS.ORG Executive Editor for Special Projects

Pen is a Co-Founder and the HSAWARENESS.ORG Executive Editor for Special Projects

She is a lifelong writer who has self-published numerous titles. She is also currently in Stage 3 HS having suffered this malady and misdiagnoses since her teens. Pen is an advocate for raising awareness and hopes her writing skills help with that endeavor.

A creative soul, Pen was born with a pen in her hand. She has been writing since the age of ten and self-publishing since 2009. An HS sufferer since her twenties – a time when no one had a name for it – Pen is currently suffering her third, and worst, flare-up. B ut even with all the trials and tribulations she is currently enduring, her creative muse has not been daunted. She is currently working on a science fiction time-travel series.

Her own personal experiences over the course of these last ten months has inspired Pen to begin an HS Fund to assist other HS Sufferers in situations similar to her own.

“I put together HS Warrior primarily for NON HS sufferers to help them better understand what those of us with HS endure on a daily basis. Family, friends, nurses, doctors, medical professionals, medical students, need to read this to foster more compassion and sensitivity toward HS patients.”

Please find Pen’s latest publishing efforts below, each title is available on Amazon. Portions of the proceeds from book sales and merchandise sales are dedicated to establishing the HS Fund to assist those devastated by HS and to support research for a cure.

One Woman’s Ongoing Battle with Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is one of the most foul skin conditions to ever afflict mankind. It is not contagious. Nor is it fatal. Except in cases of suicide. Constant pain, limited mobility, lack of compassion and understanding – among many other effects of this malady – are enough to make one suicidal. The cause of HS is unknown. There is no cure. Though millions worldwide are afflicted, few people know about it. And that includes medical professionals. Primarily affecting women and African-Americans, HS is not on anyone’s priority list for research. This is the story of one woman’s ongoing battle with Hidradenitis Suppurativa and its devastating affects on her life. Written by someone in the trenches, it is a realistic account of the ravages of this illness. Portions of the proceeds from book sales and merchandise sales are dedicated to establishing the HS Fund to assist those devastated by HS and to support research for a cure.


Eight on a Blade

Eight people suffering with Hidradenitis Suppurativa take drastic measures to raise awareness of the virtually unknown affliction. Their actions provide Zanya Westerly the opportunity to get her foot in the door as a reporter at a local news station. What follows is sad, enlightening and poignant drama that may result in death.


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