Much Needed Hidradenitis Suppurativa Surgery

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My name is Mia. I am a 28 yr old single mom of one beautiful little girl. I am from the Chicago land area of Illinois. I am an educated yet fun loving dedicated mom currently working on her Masters degree on the path of owning her own business and charitable organization.

HS Awareness from MzMia85 on Vimeo.

For the past 15 years, I have been suffering from a skin disease called hidradenitis suppurativa. This painful and sometimes debilitating skin disease affects ones sweat glands, causing boils and lesions in the folds of your skin. Affecting millions of across the world, it is often misdiagnosed, thought to be caused by clogged pores. There is no cure for hidradenitis, which has been linked to pilonidal cysts, carcinomas, pneumonia, and depression, and sufferers can expect to be affected for upwards of 30 yrs after it begins usually during puberty. Many doctors and dermatologists have attempted to treat HS with courses of antibiotics (which can be more of a hindrance than an aid; relief usually occurs at the end of the course) or through skin removal surgeries, which is how I got here.

After a couple of skin removal surgeries, cycles of experimental medications, countless emergency room visits and failed attempts at home remedies, I am left scarred and slightly disfigured. My breasts are misshapen from a previous surgery and recurrence of the disease within the scar tissue. And I now have limited range of motion due to the scarring (both disease related and surgical) in my arm pit area.

After seeking advice from several doctors and surgeons, I have decided to pursue corrective/reconstructive surgery to remove some of the underlying tissue and fat cells as well as correct some of my deformity through a cosmetic procedure. The surgery is costly, over $6500 not including after care and medications. After saving nearly $2000, I have not been able to gather all of the funds needed. Since my insurance will not cover the surgery, I am paying entirely out of pocket. If I am unable to reach my goal, I will put whatever funds received towards my savings, push back my estimated surgery date, and continue to save for the procedure.

Any and all donations would be greatly appreciated. And if you’re unable to donate, please pass this along. If anything, I would like to educate all about the affect HS has on those who suffer from it and how much we appreciate wearing a tank top or raising our arms above our head. Please give and please share.

Thank you


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