“It’s unbearable: I could not walk to the toilet”

The sensations shared European patients in Copenhagen are the same as live daily the thousands of Argentines who have the disease. Here is beginning to be worked in the formation of an association of patients.

One that accepts break the taboo and talk about hidradenitis suppurativa is Gustavo Segovia. Taxi driver, 47 years, 10 years who lives with her ago but he confirmed the diagnosis in July, after spending 27 days in boarding school Muñiz Hospital. They took his parents and his wife, because he could no more pain. “It’s unbearable. I not wish it on anyone. Could not even walk to the toilet, or turning around in bed, “says Gustavo, who had to stop working and is now in treatment.

Estefania also lost his job in a factory. This young man of 28 are not encouraged to give his full name or allow us to take out pictures. “I had to move boxes and could not, because of the pain. Stain my shirt all the time, in the summer I always go with a bag, never I wear a mesh to go to a pool.

When I am invited somewhere, I say we can not, we leave it for another day: I have a social life by WhatsApp, “says Stephanie.” When I was diagnosed with the disease after six years, I felt relief. But I began to tell, and I saw pictures distresses “continues. And speaking of pain and sleepless nights: “It is a constant annoyance. You terminás getting used “.

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Source: “It’s unbearable: I could not walk to the toilet”


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