Hundreds in Osijek, Croatia suffer from HS and many do not know it

Although most people had never even heard of hidradenitis suppurativa, or purulent hidradenitis, according to expert estimates it is likely that as many as 1,000 people from Osijek suffering from this chronic, immune-mediated, inflammatory and extremely painful skin disease.

Zagreb has recently announced marking the World Day of the disease hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) and the start of the campaign “Stronger than HS”. The campaign is being carried out under the auspices of the Croatian society dermatovenerologica (CDVS) Croatian Medical Association (CMA) and KoHOM, the Coordination of Croatian Family Medicine, and Croatian Association of Primary Health Care, a representative of the expert assistance of Osijek in this campaign are specialist dermatology, Dr. Zlatica Jukic and others. Melita Vuksic Polic from KBC Osijek.

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Chronic inflammation of the sweat glands is characterized by deep painful inflammatory lesions and purulent nodules (abscesses) in areas rich scent glands and hair, such as the armpit or groin, and considering the pain and odor, HS has an extremely negative impact on quality of life. It usually occurs after puberty, with the highest incidence between 21 and 23 years of age, and is three times more common in women than in men. A big problem is that the disease is often not recognized, and patients living with HS-player reluctant to talk about the symptoms. According to some studies, to the diagnosis of HS pass from eight to 12 years and in this period the disease much worse.

– The goal of the campaign to raise public awareness and professional public about the disease hidradenitis suppurativa – said the president of the Association Coalition in health, Ivica Belina, prof. education. reh., and added: – Awareness of the existence of the disease hidradenitis suppurativa and negative impact on the quality of life of patients there in public. It is also important to keep people with HS actively involved in the creation of circuits comprehensive support to their quality of life was at that higher level. According to a new World Health Organization, this disease are affected about one percent of the population, which is no longer considered a rare disease.

Other speakers Dr. Buttercup Jukic, spec. Dermatovenerolog from KBC Osijek, dr. Željana Bolanča spec. Dermatovenerolog from KBC “Sisters of Mercy” and prof. Ph. D.. Rado Žic, dr. Med., Specialist in general and plastic surgery with the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of the KB Dubrava, pointed to the importance of early diagnosis and treatment, and cooperation with physicians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and psychologists.

The campaign planned training for primary care physicians and specialists dermatovenerology and empowerment workshops and advocacy for people to better manage the disease and their condition in order to maintain the quality of life and to advocacy statements influenced the creation of comprehensive care for patients suffering from HS . The campaign will be held and public actions in the Croatian regional centers in order to raise public awareness of the HS. (IRG)

Source: Od kronične upale znojnih žlijezda pati svaki stoti Osječanin, a mnogi i ne znaju da su bolesni


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