Humira® treatment for Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS)

humira for hidradenitis suppurativa HS

Do you have questions about Humira® treatment for HidradenitisSuppurativa (HS)?

Are you NOT getting unfiltered answers to your most important questions asked of your Dermatologist or Doctor? Are you not finding published resources online fit to answer your most important questions and concerns about Humira® treatment for Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS)?

I am happy to announce a new HSAWARENESS.ORG partnership with the Facebook support group “Humira For HS Discussion“. Our Big Data Research Project’s survey results and data is to be published in the spirit of OPEN ACCESS and will soon be found at HSPATIENTS.ORG. The newest dedicated website coming soon for both physician and patient awareness and home to our research projects. Our combined efforts will provide for unfiltered and unbiased – by HS patients, for HS patients – community voice through active publishing on this topic.

For those who constantly advocate for others on this topic and often find themselves faced with the same common questions posed, our patient community and advocates will now have an invaluable resource available in one place as a tool to benefit all of us.

There is more to come this week on our efforts together and this crucial community topic.

The Humira® brand name and trademark used here are the sole property of AbbVie. The usage here is only to identify this product or services of the company.


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