HUMIRA (adalimumab) treatment for Hidradenitis suppurativa may not be clinically relevant

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Many knowledge gaps exist in RCT evidence for HS. Moderate quality evidence exists for adalimumab, which improves DLQI score when 40 mg is given weekly, twice the standard psoriasis dose.

However, the 95% confidence interval includes an effect size of only 1.5 DLQI points, which may not be clinically relevant, and the safety profile of weekly dosing has not been fully established.

Infliximab also improves quality of life, based on moderate quality evidence. More RCTs are needed in most areas of HS care, particularly oral treatments and the type and timing of surgical procedures. Outcomes should be validated, ideally, including a minimal clinically important difference for HS.

Read the full source: Treatments for hidradenitis suppurativa | Cochrane


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