HSDOCTORS.ORG Is Soon To Be Released


The new HSDOCTORS.ORG website is a geo mapping application that identifies and defines both known and unknown physicians who treat HS patients. In addition to mapping each of these professionals out in a clear and easy to use website for patients seeking proper care, patients can also review and rate their care. Patients can review and rate existing physicians present on the site and main database if present, if not present an easy to use system is in place for anyone to create, maintain, and manage their own new listings.

This resource over time will only become more accurate with the entire community participating to help grow and develop this website as a HS dedicated resources for patient support and awareness.

The main website will be going live in early form any day now and has been a focus of mine for the last few weeks. One of dozens of projects I need your help with.

I write to you now in an effort to build a dedicated and productive team for this project specifically. To work with me directly building this master database of known HS Doctors. To use and embrace the site and project as a leader, and to on a regular basis and well into the future work in collaborative spreadsheet documents.

Are you interested? Here is what you can do to get started with me. It involves heavy research and very simple data entry tasks that we can get started on today. Well, the work is already started, but you can jump right in.

Here is a simple, a very simple breakdown of a research and production path.


1. Search both online and offline for known doctors who have or do treat HS patients. Everyday as awareness increases we are seeing more Dermatological practices add HS information to their practice websites. In large part due to the commerce provided by AbbVie and Humira’s approval to treat HS patients.

2. Search social media communities, patient support groups, and patient conversations online about their care. Ask patients and seek this information. Those of us in the patient community see these types of conversation as a constant daily. Most of the time patients seeking to find a doctor that can treat them and has a decent knowledge base available for them to feel properly understood and taken care of. There has been no single resource for these conversations until now.

3. From one of these 2 baseline research paths, and of course feel free to identify your own, the results of your work then need to be entered into a master database and collaborative spreadsheet. A very simple master spreadsheet that I can then used to do imports into the main website in bulk. Each line and record in this database will populate a listing on the new website and pin on the map.

Here is an example of how simple the spreadsheet is:

Each required data point (columns) in a physician record is very simple: practice name, doctor’s name with credential, type of doctor, address and phone number. There are additional optional data points as well when available, such as email, website, and social media links.

Quality of standard is very important for our research work within this project. It is essential that the data for each entry is accurate and researched thoroughly. If it is not, the listings will not import properly into the website database and the geo mapping system in place.

Here is the direct link for our collaborative spreadsheet that we can edit and build together.

COLLABORATIVE SPREADSHEET: http://bit.ly/hsdocs-db

Once you access the document via the link below, you will have to request access against your email account. Once you have editing access it is this collaborative document well into the future that we will use together for these purposes. In additon, please take a few minutes and complete our volunteer application form.


With a whole team working actively to help build this database, this will allow me to take all of our research work directly to a live resource and website for patient support and to address one of our most important needs.

To find the best care available for everyone. Thank you for your time and support my friends. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

Ron Bercume


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