HSCAMP 2016 Central PA – 2 Day Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) Patient Conference

 HSCAMP2016 Central PA I have an idea for a new program, lol. I still would like to put together a meet and greet someday soon. It is getting too cold for a weekend BBQ, but I have been thinking about checking into a conference room that is affordable for a two-day weekend event.

Maybe we could fundraise a few hundred bucks to cover the cost and have a live two-day event just for patients to share stories. I would present throughout both days educational content to round it out. I imagine patients sharing stories and other speakers on various subjects, both patients and physicians.

I don’t know about you guys, but with the handful of dedicated HS conferences yearly around the world, they are physician-focused and patients are only “allowed” to attend specific time slots.

I’m sick of not being included as a patient researcher and advocate for awareness.

I say we create our own. I have some ideas. If we could get one successful event started, it could provide for a model for others to startup on their own anywhere.

Think Tedtalks or your latest “Camp” conference.

HSCamp2016, Central PA
Date: TBA
Location: TBA Hershey or Harrisburg PA

What do you guys think? Would you come to Central PA for a weekend conference with us? Would you help support and fundraise for such events? If I could get a sense of how many of us would be interested in a weekend getaway to be with us and other patients, and if a get a channel together to buy tickets in support of a room rental (if I could not get a space donated), I will make this happen.

At the same time I would document and template out the process so to speak, so it could be a scalable and DIY type of deal easily reproducible in any city. Perhaps it could become long-term as a program fundraise to support and pay for events in the future – something sustainable.

What do you guys think? I can’t imagine attendance less than 50 patients per event would allow for it to pay for itself. Not looking for anything above and beyond regarding financials at all. Just a way we could make it real, have it pay for itself and provide for a foundation for future events.

I would really like to do this. A full #HSAWARENESS social and press release campaign would naturally support each event.

Source: HSCAMP 2016 Central PA – 2 Day Hidradenitis Suppurativa Patient Conference – HSSUPPORT.ORG

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