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Mossy Moran, with his heated style of Irish traditional and contemporary music, hails from Ireland’s southeast coastal city of Waterford. In his first band at age 15 Mossy lead with incredible vocals that kept his Irish fans coming back for more. As his talent grew, so did his audiences. At age 19 Mossy made his act a solo one, singing songs and telling stories of the Irish People all over Ireland’s southeastern coast. He made a break for the United States in 1996 to sing his foot stomping brand of Irish music here.


Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS Awareness:

Daily we wage a war of ideas to end HOPELESSNESS and SUFFERING for millions through education around the world. We will do everything within our power to aid and bolster understanding, philanthropy, orphan research and compassion for those who are plagued by this chronic autoimmune disease, and other Orphan Disease communities that have very little or no resources at all.

Pronounced: HID-ra-den-EYE-tis SUP-you-rah-TEE-vah:

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Otherwise known as:

Acne Conglobata; Acne Inversa; Apocrine Acne; Apocrinitis; Fox-Den Disease; HS; HS Skin Disease; Pyodermia Significa Fistulans; Velpeau’s Disease, Verneuil’s Disease

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