HS is the body attacking the apocrine gland (or hair follicle)


Hs is the body attacking the apocrine gland (or hair follicle) so when it goes on the attack ( most of us feel our body on attack ) Most of us have fever, aching, and feel like having been hit by a bus Sad at least that is the way I feel. In stage 3 (which I am in) arthritis like swelling in the joints is very common) I did research on inflammation – which is what we are fighting – and avoiding anything that will cause inflammation – will help. That is why a lot of people take turmeric – but it only works when bound with a protein and is warm) Like everything with HS, its a hit or miss situation and you have to find what works for you.

But take heart, there are things that will help. Antibiotics create nausea with me, so it could be the antibiotics. If you don’t have an infection, the antibiotics will not help and can only make you feel worse. Hope you feel better.

Source: MDJunction


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