How were you diagnosed with Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS)?

“I would like to engage anyone willing In a brief discussion about how you were diagnosed with HS..”

(Posted by Fawn Griswold on 5/6/2018 to #HSGLOBAL) Good morning my friends. I would like to engage anyone willing In a brief discussion about how you were diagnosed with HS, the amount of time you waited before seeking medical care and if you were misdiagnosed. Let me share a bit about my journey with HS.

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At age of 9 noticed two distinct spots on the thigh and honestly as a kid, I thought they were bug bites. Didn’t think anything of it.

As a teenager’s thighs became very active but since I am heavier I thought the sores were from my thighs rubbing together.

I asked my mom about a singular lump in my armpit once ( I was shaving ) she told me about ingrown hairs.

Had a huge abscess in my upper groin lower abdomen as a teen my grandmother looked at it (she was a nurse) told me I had a boil.

Mid 20’s sawed a nurse practitioner for sores on and under my breasts was diagnosed with contact dermatitis ( I didn’t show or talk about other problems because I thought I had answers for those)

At the age of 38 had abscesses all along my sides from my breasts to my hips showed my dermatologist and was diagnosed with HS.

I guess what I would like you to share are your initial thoughts when the abscess’ began, did you “think” initially it was caused by something else? Due to the possibility or belief of thinking it may have been caused by something else did you show your doctor all areas involved or perhaps just one like myself that you couldn’t explain or rationalize?

Thank you, everyone. This is just something I was thinking about this morning.

Fawn Griswold

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