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My name is Melisha Jones, I am a 42 year old mother of a brave little 8 year old boy, and I am a lover of animals, music, writing poetry and song. I love to draw, go to racetracks, and mud bogs. I love the ocean, and the mountains. I love to eat all kinds of food, and spend time daydreaming. Maybe I have thrown you off track a little. I sound pretty normal don’t I? Well some say I am not normal because I live and fight Hidradenitis Suppurativa every day of my life. If I am not mistaken the first time I had dealings with this H.S. I was 14 years old. I was an active teenager and always had places to go and things to do like most normal teenage girls. However, at this time in my life I was living with my mom and her husband, and attending school regularly. I was not into boys at all really other than a simple crush or two. Never had been sexually active until I was sexually molested by my step father. This started when I was about 12. The beginnings of the abuse was basic really just a lot of verbal abuse, not that this was acceptable. He would make me change outfits to suit what he wanted to see, but shortly after that the harder stuff to deal with began.

Continued at Melisha’s Blog: I am not helpless and nothing is hopeless. – melishajonescareslovesunderstands


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