Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) Is Actually The Devil Just Spelled Out In More Letters

Hidradenitis suppurativa patient Bree

Last night Oprah talked about speaking your truth, well, this is mine to share with you.

I wasn’t beat, I wasn’t a victim of anyone. I was and still am actually a victim of my own body. Since 16, I’ve been suffering in silence. I was misdiagnosed many times before they found a name for what has since then ruined my body.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) isn’t what its name is, it’s actually the devil just spelled out in more letters.

This disease has crippled me physically and mentally and I would not wish it upon my worst enemy. Some people have no idea about it, some live with it and have not a clue, I was fortunate enough to have parents that cared and wanted to help me; find the doctors that diagnosed me, which led us all to the biggest pitfall of the whole ordeal.

HS is non-curable. I could take antibiotics for the rest of my life which leads to yeast infections, which leads to this and that, and the other thing, so forth and so on.

I live my life every day, in pain and in agony. Most days it hurts to sit, walk, lay or move my body in any certain directions. All areas of my body have been affected (including my face).


I do not let this condition define me. I do not allow the pain to ruin me and who I am. I try every day all day to remain positive and steer clear of reflecting on all of the bumps, scars and open wounds.

I hurt, I cry, I have bad days, and sometimes there are times where I scream out “why me”—

But I know why; I am a warrior. & I take pride in that.

I take pride in my truth.

And I hope that whatever your truth may be, you speak it too!

Bree Jenissa

Bree has given us permission for her personal Facebook profile to be linked from this post as the named author. She is open to connecting and hearing from other HS patients if they would like to reach out to her. You can find her profile on Facebook by clicking here.


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