Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) Awareness On The Radio

I have a new idea for a program. As with most of the stuff I kick off, it is in line with my professional experience and capacity to do things that help make a difference within my own wheelhouse. So this one involves #HSAWARENESS radio advertising. In my mid 20s back home in the Adirondack Mountains I worked for a while for a communications company that had four radio stations: Pop, Classic Rock, ESPN, and a talk radio local news.

I started there running the “board” on the weekends, the NASCAR broadcast live. Shortly thereafter I took over the business office, managing the “trafficking” for all four stations. Later I moved to the sales office for some time working with clients before leaving to focus on my own Graphic Design business.

Working in the business office, I specifically maintained new orders for advertising and the billing of clients as such. Working closely with the sales executives to take new orders, scheduling ads and maintaining the system at large from a high level.

The scheduling of advertising against rates for specific times of the day filled my work day. It was very data entry heavy.

Certain times of the day and night have higher listener rates associated, as you might imagine, and are in more of a demand. Hence a more expensive price point per 30 or 60 second spot. In contrast, radio stations have, on a regular basis, a significant inventory of unused and low-demand air time.

My point of explaining all this a bit is there are times overnight and out-of-high-demand time slots that are often given away as bonuses, or freebies, or at a much cheaper rate.

I think with some hard work and elbow grease, we can actively and long-term take on a new effort to acquire participation and support for our awareness efforts, pursuing low-demand air time to run 10, 30, or 60 second spots. At no cost of course, as we have no cash flow for this work or fundraising that is active currently.

With your help, we could launch this program quickly. I have a plan of course. To get going it looks like this:

  1. Write for and produce a brief informative media kit that will be sent to radio stations. A call for awareness and request for their consideration to help us, by donating their unused air time to run our spots. I will put together an email template, a multi-page PDF for email and printed letters, and a script for cold calling stations.
  2. Creatively produce #HSAWARENESS 10, 30, and 60 second informative radio commercials. I can do these of course and will to move us forward, but I would love your help writing for them and/or producing them. Voice talent would be great and I would love to encourage and engage anyone who would want to help.
  3. Publish the audio for download online. These audio downloads for the stations will be published online for them to click out of an email or review online, to be the core focus of the media kit above and available easily.
  4. Prospecting: a database will be created to contain contact data and tracking for the stations. For us to reach out to them and to track status of each relationship.
  5. Build a Team of dedicated patients to long-term manage and grow this effort. I will as usual make it real for us and get it started. But eventually we’ll need a strong leader top down and others to work as a team collectively to grow the program and get ads airing across the country.

So this is my high level brainstorm. I think it would be fairly painless to get set up. Getting help from you guys to plug in and maintain an organized effort against a solid production schedule to me is the biggest challenge.

This is just one more program against the dozens we have going and being planned for. I see myself continuing to create for us, but each program I cannot handle all of the work for, of course. But I will keep pushing on this and the others as we can grow this organization together.

If we can scale this effort out properly and get it going, TV commercials would be next.

What do you guys think? I can promise to get the above four items ready to go, but will you help me create a dedicated team to realize the program long term?


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