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I have been suffering with this for about 20 years but never knew what it was called. Seeing as I already have one rare skin disease, why not throw another one me! The difference with this one and the NLD is that the HS is easier to hide based on where it is located. In my 20s, I was diagnosed with PCOS and there is a higher likelihood if you have HS because of it. Also obesity and smoking contribute to having it.

I am self conscious of sleeveless tops because my flabby upper arms but also the hidradenitis suppurativa. Even though I don’t have any active sores currently, there is scarring and pitting. The other place I get them (and just got rid of one) is the groin area. It reoccurs in the same spots when they occur and I do have some scar tissue from it. Obviously, I can cover/hide it but I still know it is there plus if I were to get intimiate with someone I might have to explain it which would be mortifying to say the least. In the past if this situation came up I would feign a headache or something to avoid the intimacy because of it.

Source: Katie J is on her way: Hiding Hidradenitis


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