For Public Awareness HS Patients Are Sharing Across Social Media Daily For 30 Days

For Public Awareness Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) Patients Are Sharing Across Social Media Daily for 30 Days

HS Patients Are Fighting for Public Awareness By Sharing Across Social Media “Once a Day for 30 Days” 

I personally feel strongly that those of you who are making this very real self-sacrifice to be open and public about our disease deserve to be acknowledged as such. With that said and if you would like to be featured on HSAWARENESS.ORG we would like to give back to you and acknowledge your hard work. Our editorial team will create a post reporting on your efforts and that archives all of your 30 days in a single place fed from your social profile and #HSAWARENESS activities.

We would just need:

1. A short paragraph on “What #HSAWARENESS means to you?” to open your feature.

2. A single image of you to use as the main featured image for your post.

The above 2 items will open your featured post and then our team will every few days keep it fresh with your daily updates as fed from your social media profiles and related activity.

As always our organization would need your explicit permission to link to your social media profile and use your name in the feature if your choice is to be public. If not, we can certainly ONLY use a first name, or pen name, and keep your privacy-centric and anonymous. That is, of course, your choice and as always privacy needs are paramount for us to maintain in our contributor publishing.

If you are interested aforementioned publishing as outlined please reach out to me personally or anyone on our teams. You can contact us through any one of our dedicated #HSAWARNESS social media profiles (links can be found at the top of this website and all of our others sites), or you can email me directly if you wish.

With my respect and gratitude,

Ron Bercume (@ronbercume)
Organization Founder at HSAWARENESS.ORG
828 Penny Lane
Mount Joy, PA 17552
ron.bercume [ at ]



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