DWP to recognise Hidradenitis Suppurativa as a serious, debilitating medical condition

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DWP to recognise Hidradenitis Suppurativa as a serious, debilitating medical condition. | Debate this e-petition here at Repetition.me

We hereby petition the government to recognise HS as a serious, disabling and debilitating condition, with the addition of HS as a medical condition on the DWP website.

Change the DLA application policy towards patients of Hidradenitis Suppurativa, acknowledging HS to be eligible for a DLA award, therefore not relying upon the assessments of General Practioners or Nurses, who do not understand the implications that having HS can have on a patient.

Also, having the knowledge of a specialist dermatologist to hand if required for the decision making process, so that HS can be clearly understood when deciding whether an applicant fulfils the criteria for Disability Living Allowance.

HS is a flaring condition, and just because a HS patient is seen to walk into a DLA tribunal, it does not mean that they will not be unable to walk at all the following day or week. HS affects every patient differently, so please help HS patients get the assistance they need and deserve.

Source: http://repetition.me/petition/dwp-to-recognise-hidradenitis-suppurativa-as-a-serious-debilitating-medical-condition-34999


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