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Warm welcome

First of all we would like to give you some information about our intention in creating this portal you here. We, these are a few acne Inversa sufferers, as well as their relatives, who have set themselves the goal to stand other stakeholders with advice and practical help and want to try with your support, to make Acne Inversa public These include not only the Media. We also want to make doctors on the disease carefully in order Acne Inversa can be diagnosed earlier and thus better treated.
Largely unknown

Unfortunately, this disease is largely unknown and very little explored even in the medical community, so that unfortunately always happens that victims have brought a year-long odyssey of doctor visits, wrong treatment approaches, accusations and insults behind him before a competent doctor tells them the correct diagnosis , Mostly you have to listen to things like: “Do not wash it?” Or “Something really there is but Penner!”. This of course is absolute nonsense and no one should be something to heart.
Social isolation

Fat Diminisher System Review. Buy Which followers like and comment Add to that the psychological pressure, the sufferers do themselves because they think they’re dirty or anything do not agree with them. Try this disease to hide from the public, because it makes you uncomfortable. Drag from the everyday lives of others, her friends, back, because it could have someone notice. In part, this goes so far that confide Acne Inversa sufferers do not even her family or her partner completely, because they are just totally confused and afraid of prejudices.

Be strong together

All these things we want to oppose. We want to make it that physicians are better informed and better and faster can make the correct diagnosis or not are too fine to refer their patients to a more competent doctor if they find themselves no solution.
We want to make it that sufferers open to deal with their disease, without always thinking directly prejudices. If we manage to make the disease known, it is no longer even come across so much misunderstanding in society.
And of course we want to create a place where patients and their families can exchange with each other, for about the disease and its consequences your life, but also about everything else that is important to you in your life. Perhaps here even friendships.

hand in hand

However, in order to provide all of this we need every helping hand we can get. That is why we are trying to find sponsors. Whether to finance the website and the forum or if there are only a few stamps or printed flyers. Even with little things is helping us. Of course, practical help or even just ideas for our projects. Everyone who wants to participate is welcome to join us.

Please turn yourselves in proposals via “Private Message” either

“Kermit” (administrator), “Schwester_Schnegge” (Moderator) or and “Schmale_Ricke” (Moderator) or send an email to webmaster [at] Akne-Inversa.Info.

More, we are happy to discuss with you personally. We welcome any suggestion.

If you like, you just look a little around and over an application in our forum we would also look forward, of course.

Much love
your Akne-Inversa.Info – Team

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