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Hidradenitis Suppurativa Research Poll

“It is easy sometimes with work of this nature to get stuck inside “the bubble” – to build and create for yourself when at all times needing to remain true to serving the needs of others by intention. ~@RonBercume” #HSGLOBAL #HSAWARENESS

I so very much appreciate those of you that help me with these items. It is to very easy sometimes with work of this nature to get stuck inside “the bubble” if that makes sense – to build and create for yourself when again, work of this nature needs to at all times remain true to serving the needs of others by intention. Aside from the several topics I put in place as poll options to get this setup, I would love to hear about your ideas. Perhaps there are topics and items we are not seeing that we should be publishing on and providing for?



(1) THE QUESTION: What types of content that we share and publish on best address your needs, answers questions that you have, and/or best serves the reasons why you are present or a participant within an HS support community like this one?

(2) METHODOLOGY: This post and thread have been set up as an interactive and user-driven poll. If your answer to the question above is not present in the list of options below, you can create a new poll topic that can also be voted on by everyone. You can not only add multiple options to the poll itself but can also select multiple poll options (answers) of others.

(3) THE RATIONALE: Every few months our aggressive publishing and sharing of #HSAWARENESS content (historical and current research, patient stories, various topics, and current affairs) stops and essentially goes dark. We take a break and I shut off the content feeds to the numerous social media networks and profiles that we publish to weekly. There are several reasons why this “pause” in our publishing happens a few times a year. Most importantly, it provides me with some time to take a hard look at how our publishing efforts are bringing the most value to our audience and are staying aligned with the stated purpose of our to be Non-Profit Organization.

(4) THE AUDIENCE: An audience of HS patients, their families, friends, and loved one’s most important, but also physicians and professionals involved and interested in a growing HS medical culture and study.

(5) SALUTATIONS: I very much enjoy engaging you guys as much as possible in our work to define and drive everything we do. I look forward to continuing to learn as much as I can about what best we can publish on that serves your needs and address directly the reasons why you, to begin with, are present within our HS communities and patient culture online.
Let me know if you have any questions. My eternal gratitude and appreciation for your valuable time.



Ron Bercume
Organization Founder at

828 Penny Lane
Mount Joy, PA 17552
ron.bercume [ at ] hsawareness.org
(717) 537-1930

PS: You must be a member of our private #HSGLOBAL Facebook group to access the poll. Please join us here: #HSGLOBAL – Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) International


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